Judge Orders Cops to Give Back Man's 11-Pound Stash, One Doobie at a Time

OK, now hand it back. Judge's orders.
The slow decriminalization of pot has created a whole mess of confusion over what's legal and what's not. But when it comes to the bizarre side-effects of conflicting medical marijuana laws, there may be no weirder scenario than what's happening in Kent, Wa.

There, a man was arrested at a pharmacy for possession of 11-pounds of pot. Somehow, despite holding a stash large enough to smoke-out a stable, the man was able to produce a California scrip saying he was a medical marijuana patient.

The result: The man's sentence was reduced from felony to misdemeanor possession. As for what to do with the weed? King County Judge Mary Roberts had a unique solution for that problem.

As Kent Police Chief Steve Strachan wrote in a Seattle Times op-ed, Judge Roberts ordered Strachan to give the man weekly portions of his seized chiba. Thus turning a police department into a makeshift dispensary full of caring nurses.

As scenarios go, it's awfully weird. But it also looks pretty smart from the judge's perspective.

Police obviously weren't buying the man's excuse that a dozen pounds of pot was strictly medicinal. And maybe the judge wasn't either. But her orders now mean that the man who said he was a patient now has to be treated as such. Even if that ends up putting Chief Strachan and his department in a bind, it's still a creative way to handle the whole deal.

Daily Weekly is trying to track down the man responsible for causing all this weirdness. More details to come.

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