Jan Drago Takes Another Shot at Office

Jan Drago does not give up.
Since deciding to retire from the City Council, Jan Drago has made it quite clear she does not plan to play any shuffleboard. This spring she applied to become the new CEO of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce but lost out to Phil Bussey. Then she finished a dismal fifth in the primary in her run for Seattle Mayor.

But it's like the saying goes: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. And then try one more time. Drago joins 10 other political hopefuls in applying for Dow Constantine's former seat on the King County Council.

But once again, she might be facing an uphill battle. Constantine has used the seat to represent West Seattle, Drago lives downtown. And appointments to higher office tend to be used as a stepping stone for up and comers. Constantine ascended from Olympia to the County Courthouse when he was tapped to take over for Greg Nickels in 2002 as Nickels left to run the city.

To that end, buzz among politicos puts State Senator Joe McDermott and State Representatives Zack Hudgins and Sharon Nelson (Constantine's former chief of staff) as the leading contenders.

One thing you have to say for Drago, she's proving quite capable of dusting herself off after each blow and taking another shot. And maybe, contrary to expectations, this will be her moment.

Bob Ferguson, who took over for Constantine as King County Council Chair says he plans to have the appointment finalized before the end of the year.

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