If You Own a "Two-Door, Light-Colored Coupe" Now Might be a Good Time to Get a Bus Pass

Best keep that fine automobile in the garage this weekend, Skippy.
Because if Seattle police see you out driving, especially anywhere near the site of the Leshi drive-by that killed Officer Tim Brenton, you're probably going to get pulled over. And you may or may not wet your pants in the process.

The Seattle Times reported this morning that police have a better-than-average dash-cam still of what they think may be the suspect's car. In a bulletin, officers were told to use "extreme caution" when approaching any two-door, light-colored coupe.

Hear that, Nissan 370Z and Mitsubishi Eclipse owners? If you get pulled over anytime soon don't make any sudden movements. Better yet, try out that sweet Seattle public transit everyone's always crowing about.

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