How Do Seattle Police Protect Mayor-Elect Mike "the Bike" McGinn?

Keep up with him if you can, Seattle police.
The short answer: We don't know yet.

Seattle has an incoming mayor who made it a point to campaign on two wheels and has pledged to carry over the tread tradition while in office. But ask Seattle police how they plan to protect Mayor-elect Mike McGinn, the man who prefers pedals over a Prius, and they grow mum.

"We're not gonna comment on any specific aspect of it," says SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson. "Suffice to say that mayors are afforded executive protection if they choose. I think ultimately it's their choice."

When he reported on his gas-guzzling habits two years ago, Weekly writer Rick Anderson found out that Mayor Nickels choice more often than not was a police escort who picked him up every morning, drove him around all day and then picked him up at night. What choice has McGinn made?

"He has executive protection now," says volunteer campaign spokesman transition staff member Aaron Pickus. But as to what kind (cops in cars, bikes, scooters?) Pickus won't say. Adding only, "and he still rides his bike."

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