Greenwood Arsonist Strikes Again

Someone is making it their mission to keep Greenwood ablaze.
UPDATE: Two more fires were set last night. Details after the jump.

Greenwood has a serial arsonist. Last night at 3:30 AM firefighters responded to a blaze on 85th St. The back deck of a small accounting firm had been set aflame. By the time it had been extinguished, another call came through. This time it was the Rosewood Guitar Shop only three blocks away.

All tolled, that brings the number of fires set in the last few months to seven. (See Phinneywood's map.) Including the three-alarm monster that claimed four shops on 85th St. two weeks ago and took 100 firefighters to tame.

We've been critical of Greenwood residents in the past. Accusing them of having a quick trigger finger when it came to calling the cops.

But freaking out over seven fires in a couple months is entirely justified. It's an attack on the community. And the community is attacking back, organizing a meeting between the local Chamber of Commerce, Seattle police department's North Precinct and other neighborhood groups in an effort to do something about the blazes.

Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Dana Vander Houwen said that investigators believe both of last night's fires were set by the same person. No word yet, however, on whether or not they're all related.

UPDATE: At 11 PM last night someone set two small fires behind a photo lab. Then again at 4 AM, the wall of restaurant Olive You was set ablaze.

In both cases, arson patrols were able to extinguish the fires before they spread to other businesses. But once again, the person responsible wasn't caught.

The toll of getting jolted awake by fire engines in the middle of the night seems to be catching up to the people of Greenwood. As Phinneywood tells it: "A woman walked by us crying. 'This just makes me so sad," she said. "It's like it's never going to end.'"

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