Finally: Preliminary Army Hearing Due for Spc. Ivette Davila, Accused Murderer of Fort Lewis Couple

Accused double-murderer Davila
Update: Fort Lewis released details this morning, confirming the three-day hearing for Davila will start Monday, and the possibility she could end up facing the death penalty. More after the jump.

In a murder case that has remained strangely quiet, the Army today tells Seattle Weekly it is planning a preliminary hearing next week for Spc. Ivette Gonzalez Davila, 23, a member of Fort Lewis' I Corps color guard, who is accused of a double murder in Tacoma last year. The petite, attractive solider is alleged to have shot and then poured acid on the faces of Timothy Miller, 27, and Randi Miller, 25, a military couple stationed at the fort, then kidnapped their child.

Davila, according to some accounts, thought Randi Miller was in a relationship with a fourth soldier, Davila's ex-boyfriend, and that she killed Randi and her husband in a jealous rage. But friends of the Millers say Davila was actually jealous of the loving family life the two shared. A Fort Lewis spokesman this morning said the Army will be releasing details of the Article 32 prelim hearing later today.


Fort Lewis spokesperson Joe Kubistek this morning says the Article 32 hearing will be convened Monday at 9 a.m. and is slated to run three days. The official charges against Davila are:

* Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 118 - Premeditated Murder; two specifications of murder (Timothy Miller and Randi Miller).

* UCMJ, Article 129 - Burglary; one specification of breaking and entering the Miller home with the intent to commit murder.

* UCMJ, Article 134; one specification of kidnapping the Miller's baby, one specification of obstruction of justice.

If convicted of all charges and specifications, Kubistek says, Davila's maximum punishment could be life in prison, plus dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of all pay. However, if the slayings are deemed capital murder, a military panel could sentence Davila to death. Fort Lewis' commanding general would make the capital determination after the hearing.

Kubistek outlines the hearing thusly: The Article 32 pretrial investigation is similar to a grand jury investigation. An investigating officer has been appointed to review the evidence presented by defense and prosecution attorneys, and will make a recommendation on the sufficiency of the charges and the appropriate level of court-martial.

Davila is currently being held at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor Brig and Correctional Custody Unit.

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