Eric Hawkins Sentenced for Bank Robbery After Trying to Buy Video Game With Dye-Stained Cash

The older gamer is a rare, more criminally-inclined species.
It's a relatively safe bet that any 40-year-old man who still buys video games is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But even with those lowered expectations, Eric Hawkins gives aging gamers a bad name.

In 2006, Hawkins walked into a Bremerton Key Bank with a gun and demanded money from a teller. Hawkins got his wish, ending up with nearly $12,000. But he also got an extra, unwanted souvenir from the crafty teller: a dye pack hidden amongst Hawkins' loot.

All was well for Hawkins until earlier this year. That's when Bremerton authorities noticed that someone was using ink-stained cash to buy video games.

Cops found out that the man using the funny money called himself Gerald Lewis. The same name Texas authorities said was used by a convict they were looking for.

Bremerton police rounded up Hawkins/Lewis and shipped him off Texas to serve a prison sentence for coke possession. While in the clink, they tested his DNA to see if it matched the ink-stained sunglasses found outside of the bank. It did.

Yesterday Hawkins was sentenced in Tacoma to seven years in prison for armed bank robbery. Authorities are uncertain what options Hawkins will have while serving time, but are pretty sure his video game habit may be severely hampered by the temporary move.

(Hat tip: P-I)

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