Election Night Coverage: It Goes to Eleven, Probably Later

Election '09: Let's hope the McGinn rally has some non-alcoholic options.
Normally the Daily Weekly shuts off the lights around the same time as you, dear reader. But not tomorrow.

That's because Tuesday is election night. So along with every other media type in this city, the Daily Weekly will be up past its bedtime comping as many free drinks covering as many soirees as possible: King County Executive, the mayor's race and the Pro and Cons for both R-71 and I-1033.

Will Tim Eyman be crying tears of joy or sorrow? Will Susan Hutchison give a Ron Burgundy-esque acceptance speech? Will Joe Mallahan reveal to a stunned audience of supporters that he was, in fact, Tina Podlodowksi in reverse-drag this whole time? Who knows! But we sure hope you'll stick around a little later than normal to find out.

(And if you'd like to cram for the test, feel free to consult your study guide: Our coverage thus far of the 2009 campaigns.)

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