Election Night '09: How to Win with 33 %, by Lloyd Hara

You wonder, did Lloyd Hara sit down one day and map out a strategy to become King County's chief tax man by accusing an opponent of trying to buy the race, then claiming the opponent was lying in his TV ad, and, finally, after being exposed for not declaring rental income on an unpermitted apartment, winning with just a third of the vote?

Damned if it didn't work.

A onetime city treasurer and current port commissioner, Hara became King County's new assessor yesterday, beating his major opponent Bob Rosenberger by 9,000 votes. In a five-way race, Hara won a plurality of 33.59 percent.

At the Port, Hara will be replaced by Rob Holland, who beat David Doud 55 to 45 percent for Position 3. Tom Albro topped Mack Vekich 57 to 43 percent for Position 4.

Commissioner John Creighton was unopposed, yet he got only 98 percent of the vote. About two percent, a high number, were write-ins. Hmm, what were they writing in?

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