Election '09: One-Vote Victory Margins More Than a Myth In Skykomish

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"Had you invited me over, Charlotte, you might have been mayor."
Want to know where the real election-night drama was last night? In Skykomish, the state's most populous county's tiniest town, and whose inclusion in King County will never cease to befuddle those accessing it via Highway 2, which spends the vast majority of its time in Snohomish and Chelan counties, dipping its toenail into King for the sole purpose of declaring Skykomish's existence.

Skykomish's population hovers around 200, of which 141 are registered voters. Of those registered, 63 actually voted for various posts up for grabs in the town's general election. And in the race for mayor, Fred Black prevailed with 32 votes, besting his opponent, Charlotte Mackner, by a single vote. She probably regrets not inviting that creepy recluse down the street to her block party right about now, don't you think?

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