Election Night '09: Carr Crash

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While his Capitol Hill opponents hit the figurative slopes, Carr's post-political plans include actual skiing.
Party: Carr for City Attorney

Location: Christos on Alki

Mood: Suprisingly buoyant, in light of the outcome.

Drink of Choice: Overpriced Manny's ($4.95 per pint), but nowhere near as overpriced as at the Edgewater.

Many observers, including this one, thought the race for City Attorney wouldn't be determined by night's end. Christ, were we wrong. Tonight, upon learning that he trailed challenger Pete Holmes by more than 20 points, incumbent Tom Carr politely thanked his supporters and urged them to drink beer and partake in the spread at Christos, an Alki restaurant-bar not far from Carr's Admiral District home. As a figurative line went up the nose of Capitol Hill, the epicenter of Carr's all-in nightlife industry opposition, the City Attorney declined to blame his defeat on that constituency, opting instead for the simple explanation that "people wanted change. We had a great mayor, and he lost too."

Inadvertently, Carr alluded to a mega-power suck from the peninsula. While Tom Rasmussen was not up for reelection and Dow Constantine coasted to a surprisingly easy victory over Susan Hutchison, Carr's defeat ensured that he, Mayor Nickels, and Westwood Village Target regular/Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis will no longer stand guard against scourges such as parking meters on the west side. "They'll go back to ignoring us," joked Carr.

In attempting to explain her candidate's defeat, Carr's campaign manager, Cindi Laws, said that Carr's eight years in office gave Holmes plenty to attack, and that "when your job is to put people in jail, there are people who will be upset by that. People don't understand the role of the city attorney." Laws added that Holmes' campaign promises -- which included an extreme relaxation on small-time pot prosecutions and a certain loosening of the leash on nightclubs -- amounted to "a lovely song," and expressed a fair amount of skepticism as to whether her former client could deliver what he claimed he could. (Laws was Holmes' consultant when he was pondering a City Council run, jumping to her longtime friend Carr's camp once the eventual victor switched races.)

So what's next for Carr? "My wife says I can ski for two months, then I have to find a job." See, politicians are just like us, except for the taking two months off to ski part.

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