Copper the Doomed Rabbit Gets a Reprieve

Sure he may look cute now, but wait till he gets hold of your jugular.
A Tacoma rabbit that attracted global sympathy after animal-lovers discovered it was going to be put to death has now gotten a lucky break.

The controversy began when a one-year old brown cottontail named Copper was taken in by the Pierce County Humane Society earlier this month. During a routine cage cleaning, Copper took a chunk out of a volunteer's thumb, producing a gushing wound so serious it had to be treated at the ER. Then, when put into a mandatory 10-day quarantine, Copper started showing signs of an upper respiratory infection.

With two strikes against him, Copper's cause went viral, attracting pleas for mercy from as far away as London. Pleas which have now been answered.

According to Pierce County Humane director Kathleen Olson, as of today Copper is going to be in the capable hands of the Rabbit Haven Sanctuary in Gig Harbor. Copper was set to be euthanized yesterday, but no vets were there to do the procedure. In the meantime, his cough cleared up and Haven offered to provide a home.

As Olson noted in a brief phone conversation today, however, the attention Copper received was all too rare. So far this year Pierce County has killed 1,600 healthy cats. Meaning while it's all well and good that defenders of fluffy, adorable creatures made their voices heard this one time, it'd be nice if some of them were at least as willing to make other animals similar cause celebres. Or, better yet, show respect for the animal-loving employees of the Humane Society who have to make tough decisions with pets like Copper every day.

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