SPD Cop Killing: The Mourning Isn't Unanimous

The reward for useful information in the murder of Seattle Police officer Tim Brenton has now jumped to $60,000, and while police say tips are pouring in, not everyone feels the need to help out - or, for that matter, to care that a cop was killed.

News media, including Seattle Weekly, have repeatedly removed offensive public comments from their web sites - in SW's case, several irrelevant and sexually offensive remarks - while some in the blogosphere (you can hear it from busted brains in a bar, too) appear to think the best cop is a dead cop.

In particular, one site - we're not going to link to it - claims Brenton and rookie/trainee Britt Sweeney, who was slightly wounded, were harassing and profiling residents of the Leschi/Central District neighborhood where the two were ambushed.

"He [Brenton] made the choice to protect the rich from the poor rather than the poor from the rich. He made the choice to work for an institution whose very roots are set against us than to fight against that system," says the site. And that's the nice stuff.

There are legit complaints against cops. Then there's assassination, and bloody bullshit.

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