Comment of the Day: The Seattle Sounders Are a Powerhouse

Reader: Give these guys a break. They're really, really good.
Reader Stephen Heisler responds to Sounders FC Reward Seattle Weekly's Defense of 0-0 Ties With Miserable, Season-Ending 0-0 Performance. He thinks we're being too harsh on the locals.


You seam like a reasonable guy, but scoring is just a fraction of the game. While the Sounders did not score, they also held one of Major League Soccer's strongest attacks in check for 186 minutes over two games.

I was at the game yesterday, and was very impressed with the tactical play and commitment of the Sounders. In this game, coaches have to make a choice. Seattle decided on defense, and the players bought into it. Often such defensive pressure will come at the expense of the attack.

Ching's goal was one for the ages, and I doupt he could duplicate such a strike with 20 like attempts. He is a great player, and acknowledged that it was of the greatest goals he has ever scored.

It is high time that you see this team for what it really is. A powerhouse on the frindge of something special. Embrace them, they deserve your support.

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