Comment of the Day: Furious Styles Member Didn't Expect T-Shirt Controversy

A reader who calls himself a current member of the band Furious Styles responds to Local Hardcore Band 'Furious Styles' Uses Cop-Killing to Sell T-Shirts. He says the murder of an innocent police officer isn't going to change his group's views on law enforcement.

"The past day has been a shit-storm for a shirt that wasn't even supposed to reach mainstream society. This shirt wasn't a silly publicity stunt and frankly we're supprised at the ammount of attention it's recieved. We've never wanted or expected mainstream success or attention. This shirt was meant to sell to a select few fans, not to be peddled off onto Seattle's teenagers at Hot-Topic.

Anyone who knows Furious Styles knows our stance on police and just because an officer is actually killed doesn't mean we're going to change our tune, so to speak. It wasn't a joke then and it's not a joke now.

Because of the press coverage, which was completely unexpected and misinformed, we've had alot of "friends" turn their backs on us. But at the same time, the true friends and fans we have have shown us alot of support. I'm still a member of FS, I still live in Seattle and I still support the shirt as well as all the bands statements.

To be honest I was more impressed by Christopher Monfort's actions when he destroyed those police cruisers a few days before the shooting than the shooting it's self."

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