Attention Weather Geeks: The Draft White Paper Stemming from the National Workshop on Mesoscale Probabilistic Prediction Has Been Released!!!

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Stephen Dewall
Rrraaawwwrrrr! Cliff smash sun! Cliff smash cloud!
In our cover story on UW weather guru Cliff Mass this week, we lead with Mass taking part in what could be considered "the meteorological community's equivalent of a G8 Summit, where what's being wrestled with is nothing short of a potentially landmark change in the way weather will be predicted in the United States."

At the end of that summit, which took place in Boulder in late September, it was decided that the group would produce a white paper laying out what steps would be taken - and when they should be taken -- to move the American weather community en masse (get it?!) toward Mass' preferred probabilistic methodology. For those who've spent all morning awaiting the release of that white paper, Christmas come early.

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