Washington Policy Center Denies Global Warming Denial

Todd Myers
Last week we wrote that the Washington Policy Center's environmental branch, the Center for the Environment, was composed of global warming denialists. Todd Myers, the WPC's environmental director, followed that post with an e-mail saying he was frustrated we hadn't contacted them first. He was right to be upset.

As it happens, Myers pointed us to a similar mistake made by the P-I. To them he said that "his organization 'believes global warming is happening, people are having an influence and that carbon dioxide emissions' are the cause." He's just not in the same camp as some of the alarmists he and the Center believe are confusing hyperbole for facts. (And what would we know about hyperbole? *blushes*)

Myers also pointed us to a favorable review from the progressive Sightline Institute of an editorial he'd written about carbon taxes. And indeed, despite saying that some of Myers rhetoric made their skin crawl, they did seem to agree. You can find one of Myers editorials here.

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