Was It Something We Said: A Seattle Weekly Distribution Box Feels the Wrath of Aurora Avenue

A few months back we described in cringe-inducing detail the seediness of a few motels on Aurora Avenue north. Since then, we, along with an number of media outlets, have done our level best to chronicle the arrest of every pimp, prostitute and pusher that conducts their trade on that more notorious section of Aurora Avenue. Feathers, predictably, have been ruffled.

That said--and listen here all you Aurora-ites--setting one of our distribution boxes on fire, as one of you did on Monday night, is so not a constructive way of airing grievances.

A spokesperson for the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) says the blaze was set some time around 9:30 p.m. on Monday night. Firefighters from Sub-Station 31 in north Seattle responded to a call for service at an Arco gas station (10504 Aurora Avenue North) where they found a SW distribution box on fire. As SFD investigators would later determine, someone, authorities can't say who yet, intentionally set the box ablaze. The case has now been turned over to the Seattle Police Department's Arson squad who will be conducting the criminal investigation. More updates as they come.

Of course it is possible that the culprit meant no malice towards the us--people have done stranger things with copies of the Seattle Weekly. Whatever the reason, we will keep on truckin'. As SW's Editor in Chief Mark Fefer says, "That's the news business--next day's fish wrapping, or today's kindling."

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