Tye Moore, Former Port Orchard City Councilman Wanted for Child Molestation, Gets Busted for Getting Married

Natural born romantic Tye Moore's fugitive lifestyle was undone by true love.
Port Orchard Police Detective E.J. Martin was having a little trouble locating his suspect. Former city councilman Tye Moore, 38, had skipped town last August after prosecutors refiled charges accusing him of molesting a young girl. Martin hadn't heard word of him since.

Then the detective tried Googling his suspect's name. And that's when Moore learned a valuable lesson: When you're a fugitive, you should probably avoid courts at all costs. Even if all you want to do is marry your sweetheart.

That's because Shelby County, Alabama, the secluded spot Moore had chosen as a hiding place, makes their nuptial notices available online. Martin saw his suspect's name in the Shelby County Record, called police and within no time a SWAT team had surrounded Moore's house, taking the fugitive into custody without incident.

Incidentally, Moore's wife Elizabeth plead guilty last November to witness tampering for helping to hide her then husband. Since he upped and left for Alabama, Kitsap County authorities say Elizabeth has been more than helpful in aiding police with their search for her ex-husband.

Which highlights yet another lesson learned by Moore: If your old lady can implicate you, it might be a wise move to stick around and keep her happy.

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