Transients to the Rescue: More Fuel for Your Panhandling Ordinance Driven Discussions

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Sure, there are those among us who, like the supporters of Councilman Tim Burgess' latest proposal, believe that some of the city's panhandlers are an aggressive nuisance, perhaps desiring naught but hookers and motels rooms in which to utilize said hooker's services. But as this item on today's Seattle PD blotter indicates, can they not also be heroes?

Last night, a woman walking downtown got burgled two by males, who shoved her into a doorway and then made off with her iphone. She gamely gave chase. Then in a faith reaffirming show of civic fraternity, some bystanders, including a transient known to play drums in the area, formed a posse of sorts and caught one of the juvenile suspects. Seattle police later caught the second still holding the iphone.

Naturally, this brings up the following idea: Why not deputize the city's panhandling population, thereby making them part of the proverbial solution and not the problem? Yeah, there would be some obstacles, but surely it's an idea that Councilman Tim Burgess can mull over as his impromptu consultations with some of the city's homeless continue.

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