Tim Eyman Poll Finds Many People Unsure About Tim Eyman

Most polled said they didn't recognize the man, but could easily make out the slimy residue.
Budget-freeze enthusiast Tim Eyman already knows how Washingtonians feel about I-1033. (Hint: They love it!) Now he wants to know how they feel about the man behind the initiative. Eyman presented 500 cherry-picked randomly selected voters with the following question:

Tim Eyman has sponsored several tax initiatives over the years. Eyman's critics say that he is abusing the initiative process. Eyman's supporters say that he is simply giving the voters additional options. Which of the following two statements best reflects your opinion: Tim Eyman is good for Washington because he's fighting for taxpayers. (Hey Tim, your institutional bias is showing.) Tim Eyman is bad for Washington because he's hurting government services.

The results? Well, if Eyman is sending them out via mass e-mail you already know the answer to that question. 48% picked the former, with only 11% saying that Eyman's initiative was going to help Granny pack for that great road trip to the sky. But the real surprise: 41% said they were "not sure" if Eyman was good or bad for the state. With a +/- of 4.5%, that means it's possible that most of those who responded to Eyman's poll aren't even sure how they feel about the guy. Gee, maybe they should have asked this lady.

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