This Almost In: Patty Murray Wins Again

"How do we educate people who hate us?" shouted someone from the audience at a Republican meeting in Aberdeen over the weekend. The question implies the GOP isn't screwed up, just misunderstood.

Yet here was a crowd gathering to hear a candidate named Dr. Sean Salazar, an Edmonds chiropractor intent on challenging Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray next year, who was saying the EPA should be dismantled, the IRS shuttered, and that Barack Obama has "pretty solid Marxist ties." According to Steven Friederich in Aberdeen's Daily Word, Salazar also compared Obama to Hitler.

Republican candidates like this must be getting stipends from the Democrats.

Murray is likely unbeatable here in the Lefty Nation. Sure she has her vulnerabilities: the porking out, the Boeing tanker misconduct, and getting federal handouts for her husband's employer. But if all Murray has to contend with is Tea-Bag Fox Nation politics, then she deserves her coronation - and the GOP their ongoing education.

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