Tacoma Judge Michael Hecht Found Guilty of Soliciting and Threatening to Kill Male Prostitute, Still Earning $148,000 a Year

Michael Hecht in a Tacoma courtroom.
Tacoma Judge Michael Hecht was found guilty yesterday of soliciting male prostitutes and threatening to kill a man. But he still has a job. For now.

Hecht faces a sentencing hearing on November 17th where, because he's a first-time offender, he could get anywhere from zero to 90 days in jail. Meanwhile, the Tacoma News Tribune reports that there's a disagreement over whether the charges mean Hecht gets to keep his $148,000-a-year job.

Citing state law, the attorney general's office says that Hecht is effectively fired the day he's sentenced. The judge who presided over his case, however, says Hecht must wait until a February hearing by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct before he knows his fate.

Either way, Hecht is probably not looking at a favorable outcome. For now, though, he still gets paid.

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