State Dems Just Want to Remind You: Hutchison's a Republican

State Dems chair Dwight Pelz just kicked out an e-mail asking people to "Save King County." He quickly lists some of County Executive hopeful Susan Hutchison's Republican ties--donations to Mike Huckabee and George W. Bush--and says she's anti-environment and anti-choice. But as SW noted two weeks ago, Hutchison has also been distancing herself from other, more traditional GOP stands. She's backing Referendum 71 (reminder, vote for it if you support giving domestic partners the same state rights as married couples), and opposing Tim Eyman's latest initiative.

Dow Constantine is the man Pelz says will save the county, but he already won many Seattle precincts with higher than predicted turnout. Where he's got a problem is outside our city limits where turnout was lower than expected and Seattle Democrats inspire suspicion. It also seems a little risky to tie Constantine too closely to his experience at the county, what with it being a bit of a budgetary disaster at the moment. You have to wonder if missives like this from Pelz are going to do more harm than good for Constantine four weeks from now.

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