"Sore Loser" Law Would Prevent Nickels Write-in Campaign

sore loser.jpg
...and therefore ineligible for Seattle's 2009 general election.
On Tuesday, The SunBreak posed the question "Is it too late to start a Write In Nickels campaign?" This came on the heels of Monday's less-than-impressive performance from mayoral candidates Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan at the Seattle Public Library debate. It seems that faced with choosing between the guy who doesn't actually like to vote in elections (that he's not running in) or the guy who ruffles feathers by being the know-it-all has some pining for the quasi-Chicago-style mayor who we all but told to take a hike two months ago.

Unfortunately for The SunBreak and any other prospective write-in campaigners, there's one big hurdle standing in the way...

According to the Secretary of State's office, Washington, like 46 other states, has a "sore loser" law designed to make it impossible for a candidate who loses in the primary to come back and run in the general. Thus, any vote for Nickels is a vote that doesn't get counted.

Sorry SunBreak. Looks like you're stuck with these guys.

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