Seattle Trick-or-Treat Top Five Totally Jobs Capitol Hill

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Optimus Prime takes issue with your rankings. Prepare to feel his wrath.
Seattle-based real estate site has its eyes on Halloween. So they've come up with a way scientific formula for figuring out the Top Five neighborhoods to score free candy meant for little kids.

To come up with their rankings, Zillow used four equally weighted categories: density, walkability, crime (assume that'd be a negative) and home value. The results: Wealthier hoods mostly missed the list (if you've got a big home in Madison Park it takes longer for the kiddies to walk to your neighbor's place), Wallingford cleaned up and Capitol Hill got jobbed.

The final list looks as so:

1. Wallingford

2. Queen Anne

3. Magnolia

4. University District

5. Capitol Hill

And while it's hard to argue that any of the top four wouldn't be great places to score a Snickers bar the size of a four-by-four, we're still convinced Capitol Hill should be higher.

We're all for methodology. Finding new and more comprehensive ways of measuring things has given society so much, including more nuanced arguments for why the Mariners' offense blows. But the problem with a just-stats approach is that you miss the intangibles.

Like Capitol Hill's recently announced Halloween Walk, where Broadway businesses will be handing out free candy for two hours. Or the joys of encountering a self-fellater and his buddy, the dick genie. Ya know, experiences you can't put a price on.

Capitol Hill may not be the most appropriate place to take your kids, but the scenery can't be beat.
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