Seattle Transit Blog Points, Stares at Susan Hutchison

Seattle Transit Blog commenter TrikeTike gestures towards King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison (out of frame).
Last week, King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine's campaign got its hands on the oppositional research equivalent of a wet dream. In a video of her speech to conservative think tank the Washington Policy Center, opponent Susan Hutchison praised a report whose ideas effectively contradicted all of the values she had professed to endorse. For the Constantine campaign it was a real gotcha moment. But what of the actual ideas in that report? How bad could they really be?

According to the lovable wonks at Seattle Transit Blog, the Washington Policy Center's views on transportation are so dated they're not even worth analyzing. Pointing and laughing is criticism enough, apparently.

The transportation chapter of this report is incredibly retrograde stuff straight out of 1955. It's so funny/scary it's probably not worth even bothering to rebut for this crowd.

Someone still believes in increasing general purpose lane capacity? Oh my god, what a maroon!

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