Seattle Transit Blog Endorses McGinn

Acknowledging that they expected to offer a "tepid" endorsement of Mike McGinn after the primary, the Seattle Transit Blog writes that they've been slightly won over by the candidates priorities: More bus lanes, light rail instead of streetcars and no tunnel. A little further reading, however, reveals that the transportation experts seems more worried about Joe Mallahan than impressed by McGinn:

Joe Mallahan, his opponent, only offered the ridiculous assertion that voting on light rail would put an education bond measure at risk. He is apparently a blank slate on transit; his statements have been either entirely banal boilerplate about fighting for more bus service or unwarranted attacks on streetcars. Furthermore, he has accepted contributions from anti-transit sources like John Stanton. It's especially difficult to tell how a Mallahan administration would turn out, but the signs are worrying, and the chances of further progress are slim.

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