Study Says: Seattle Dumber than Massholes

This guy just bought 10 copies of Glenn Beck's latest book. In the eyes of The Daily Beast, that qualifies him for MENSA membership.
The good news: Thanks to the super-scientific folks at The Daily Beast, Seattle now has bragging rights on 48 of the 55 biggest metropolitan areas. (Eat THAT, Harrisburg, Pa!) The bad news: We're still dumber than six cities. Including the people who inspired that SNL skit that ended with Jimmy Fallon making out with his girlfriend Zazoo.

In order to come up with their rankings, the Beast tallied up each cities number of graduate degrees, colleges and non-fiction book sales. Considering Michelle Malkin currently sells more "non-fiction" books than anyone else in America, the results should be taken with a claw-foot tub filled with Morton's, alongside the normal grain of salt that goes along with these grabs for page views.

But hey, number seven isn't bad. And look: We beat Portland! We win the Pacific Northwest!

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