Seattle Police Save Burglar From Angry, Stabby Woman He Tried to Rob

skinny guy.jpg
Law enforcement experts agree: If you're built like this guy, you should probably avoid the criminal arts.
The average law-abiding citizen probably thinks most criminals are stupid. A guy who tried to break into a woman's place in the Rainier Valley last night probably isn't helping the stereotype.

Our bumbling would-be crook first tried to use a key to get into the apartment on the 7400 block of Rainier Avenue, suggesting a lack of smarts or an abundance of booze. When that strategy didn't work, he reverted to kicking down the door. It was then that he turned from suspect to victim.

Police say that when our hero stepped inside he was greeted by the apartment's resident, a woman who rightfully welcomed her new intruder with a knife to the shoulder. The robber then went running down the block, victim in chase, where he was eventually apprehended by police and subsequently saved from a vicious attack of vigilante justice.

The suspect was arrested and transported to Harborview Medical Center in satisfactory condition. He was later booked into King County Jail, where he's said to be spending the majority of his time thinking of a really cool excuse for why he's got a bandaged shoulder.

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