Professor Biden and His Amazing, Technicolor Gaffe Jacket Come to Seattle

"I once took on an entire orphanage, with only these fists to protect me."
Sen. Patty Murray has scored a big one. On Friday, November 6th, Vice President Joe Biden will join Murray at a fund raising luncheon in the Westin Hotel's grand ballroom. Considering the quality of Murray's likely opponents in 2010, this feels like cheating.

Since she'll easily swat aside the featherweights thrown at her by the state's Republican Party, bringing in the nation's second-in-command to stump may be overkill. And normally we'd say save your $150, $250 and $1,000 contributions for something more important. (Like a Bruce Springsteen concert.) But because it's Biden we're conflicted. You really don't know what he's capable of.

Will he say he doesn't trust those "shifty-eyed" Chinese? Recommend a U.S. invasion of Vancouver? Point to the Space Needle and say "mine's bigger"? Really, the possibilities are endless.

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