Politicians! Drinking! Shocking!

Justin Dylan Renney
From left, co-moderator Mike Seely takes a shot with mayoral candidates Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn at Conor Byrne as part of Seattle Weekly's REVERB Festival. Consult the Reverb blog for all the details.
Forget about who might have actually won last night's Weekly-sponsored mayoral debate at Conor Byrne (Mallahan, in my opinion, although both were great sports), the race KING-5 seemed most interested in was who did the most shots of whiskey in the course of debating (Mallahan, again). I'm still a little startled that McGinn has never seen an episode of The Golden Girls, and Average Joe does a pretty decent JFK, despite the crowd's lukewarm reaction. Kornelis has posted audio of the proceedings that you can listen to here.

Justin Dylan Renney
A capacity crowd at Conor Byrne.

Justin Dylan Renney
Dapper moderators Mike Seely, left, and John Roderick.
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