Podlodowski, Peter Jackson Join Team Mallahan

As the entire city (or at least Ballard) awaits Saturday night's Weekly-sponsored mayoral debate between Average Joe Mallahan and Mike "The Bike" McGinn, Team Mallahan came out with some big personnel news today: the addition of former city councilmember/Microsoft exec/lesbian powerhouse Tina Podlodowski as Campaign Chair. "I know firsthand the skills we need in a mayor, and clearly those skills reside in only one candidate in this race--Joe," said Podlodowski, whose position is an unpaid one, in a statement issued by the campaign.

But Team Mallahan made another fairly high-profile addition to its staff recently: Peter Jackson, who served time as a speechwriter for both Governors Locke and Gregoire, as well as a stint in the war room alongside Christian Sinderman and yours truly on Maria Cantwell's 2000 campaign for U.S. Senate. (Not to be confused with the Lord of the Nerds director, this Peter Jackson is the son of the late U.S. Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson.) Charla Neuman, another Cantwell alum, says Jackson's official job title is "court jester." Knowing Jackson like I do, that's a role he'll fill very, very well.

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