Oh Holy Hell: I-1033 Looks Like it Will Pass, We're Never Sleeping Soundly Again

Damn, creepy moth.
What with only a month left before the election, I think we'd all sleep a little better if polls showed that most Washingtonians were waking up to what Tim Eyman's I-1033 was really all about: Permanently trapping the state in our current budgetary mud pit.

Oh but no. Break out the Lunesta everybody and get ready to nab yourself one of those creepy phosphorescent butterflies, cuz things are looking bleak!

According to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KING-TV, 45% of those asked say they are a "certain yes" to vote for the budget-destroying measure, as compared to only 32% who say they are a "certain no." The measure is backed by three out of every four conservatives, two out of every three independents and 100% of voters who think shooting themselves in the foot qualifies as a recreational sport.

The one silver lining? As SurveyUSA points out, opposition to ballot measures usually increases as election day approaches. And with the Vote NO on 1033 folks just now starting to run TV ads, it would seem that maybe momentum is on the side of those who prefer functioning schools and adequate health care for the elderly. At least that's what we'll keep telling ourselves before we turn the lights out.

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