Not Much Blame to Go Around for Husky Loss, But the Receiving Corps Should Get Some

My summation of the University of Washington's heartbreaking 37-30 overtime loss at Notre Dame is pretty simple: It was a great game between two evenly-matched teams--both of whom deserved to win, but one of whom had to lose. Sure, pundits will be prone to pick apart Coach Sarkisian's sneak-happy goal-line strategy--which resulted in a couple defensive stands--but Jake Locker's zero interception (out of 40 pass attempts) performance and Chris Polk's career-high 136 yards on the ground are encouraging signs, to put it mildly.

But that's not to say there's zero culpability when one dissects Saturday's performance. By virtue of their dropping at least half a dozen perfectly-thrown passes--including D'Andre Goodwin's Butterfingered biff on the last play of the game (yeah, he got hammered, but he needs to catch that ball)--the Dawgs' receiving corps should be assigned cleat-cleaning duty as the team preps for Arizona, a must-win game if the team wants to stay in the bowl hunt and keep its naysayers at bay.

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