Newsweek's Massive F U to Ballmer

Guess who's about to wake up next to a horse's severed head? Newsweek technology writer Daniel Lyons. In a blog post yesterday, which goes into print next week, he offers up some choice words for the Microsoft CEO. Some select quotes:

"Instead of being scary, Microsoft has become a bit of a joke." And why is that? "The bigger reason seems to be that in January 2000, [Bill] Gates stepped down as CEO. It's been downhill ever since." No, really? So tell us how you feel about Ballmer. "He's no Bill Gates." And thus as a result? "In the 10 years of Ballmer's reign, Microsoft's stock has dropped by nearly 50 percent, from $55 to $29."

Let's hope Lyons wrote those words on a Mac, or he'll soon discover one of the great new features of Windows 7: remote-control laptop detonation.

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