McGinn Town Hall: Tree Falling in Forest Edition

tree falling.jpg
Did ya hear that?
Conor Byrne may have been packed Saturday night, but Mayoral candidate Mike McGinn had an altogether different experience earlier that morning during a scheduled town hall. As Publicola's Erica Barnett reports...

...when McGinn and his campaign staffers showed up for yesterday's International District town hall, planned for 10 am at the Wrap and Roll restaurant on South Jackson Street, they found the doors locked and no one there. After waiting around fruitlessly for a while, McGinn and his half-dozen staffers went out to lunch.

To hear what it sounds like when actual citizenry show up to your campaign event, click on over to Kornelis' recording of the whiskey and Golden Girls-fueled mayoral debate. Update: McGinn's campaign responded to this post by pointing us to a Seattle Times piece which revealed that there was one voter, along with a dozen volunteers, who showed up at Wrap and Roll, an appearance McGinn classified as "a good volunteer bonding session." The campaign assures us that Wrap and Roll's doors were not locked, contradicting Barnett's account.

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