Lingerie Football: Seattle Mist Now Most Successful Seattle Football Team

Garters make any uniform classy.
Screw the Seahawks. I mean, not completely. They still play in the NFC West, after all, so they're never technically out of the playoff race, especially when Hasselback returns. But for the time being, screw 'em. Why? Because Seattle already has a winning football team. They go by the name of the Mist, they wear next-to-nothing while playing and we're pretty sure they could take the Rams on a neutral field.

The Mist are 1-0 after drubbing the San Diego Seduction 20-6. (Which is total validation for our Best Of pick, btw.) This Friday they face the Denver Dream in what Lingerie Football's people call a "Western Conference showdown." Did you know the Dream just demoted their head coach to defensive coordinator? Did you even know lingerie football bothered enough with actual plays to have coordinators? Of course you didn't. All you know is that these gals play half-naked. And we have the pics to prove it...




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