Kent Lawyer's Advice to Immigrants: Pretend You're Gay

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That's the spirit, girls! Now you'll never have to return to terrible, repressive Norway.
We may not let them get married or visit their partners in the hospital when they're deathly ill, but by golly, we still treat the gays better than most countries. That seems to be the professional ethos of Kent's Steven Mahoney, a self-described expert in immigration affairs just sentenced to 18 months for advising straight immigrants to play-it-gay to avoid being deported.

After pleading guilty in April, Mahoney acknowledged that from 1998 to 2007 he filed nearly 100 false immigration documents and was paid between $1,000 and $4,000 for each. But the g-card wasn't Mahoney's only ace in the hole: He also advised immigrants to shoot for asylum by claiming they'd face political or religious persecution if sent back home. (God help you if you're a snake-handler in Burundi.)

Mahoney's estranged wife Helen, a naturalized citizen from Russia like her husband, was also sentenced to six months in prison. According to court documents, Helen's only alleged involvement was to "provide a client - identified in charging papers as AK - with documents about homosexuality in preparing for an asylum interview in 2005, when she knew AK wasn't gay." Thus marking the first, and last, time a criminal act can be directly connected to renting I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. Unless you count assisted suicide. That's no longer a crime, right? OK, just checking.

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