Is Port Townsend's Glenn Allan Bagley a Serial Killer?

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Glenn Allan Bagley moved to the Philippines shortly after the disappearance of his ex-wife.
In 1973, 23-year-old Althea Blankenship and her son Jeffrey disappeared. The last person to see them alive: Blankenship's roommate, Glenn Allan Bagley of Port Townshend.

Three years later, Esther Mae Gesler also disappeared. Phone records later showed that one of the last calls Gesler made was to her ex-husband, also Bagley.

Shortly after Gesler's disappearance, Bagley packed up and moved to the Phillipines. So that's where KIRO 7 reporter Chris Halsne went to confront Bagley and file a report airing at 11 PM tonight that names the former Washington resident as the "prime suspect" in all three disappearances.

Jeffery Blankenship2.jpg
Jeffrey Blankenship disappeared with his mother Althea 36 years ago.
KIRO 7 says both Kent and Jefferson County are evaluating the possibility of prosecuting Bagley based on a strong circumstantial case. So far, neither sheriff's office has returned a call to confirm this claim.

The news station also doesn't provide a ton of info on the victims. But thanks to the interwebs we can learn a little more about Gesler.

The wife and mother was last seen in Kent on March 13, 1976. Around noon she told her husband and kids she was going to rent a hotel room to study for an upcoming exam. She took the family car and said she'd be back the next day. She was never heard from again.

Esther Gelser.jpg
Esther Gesler disappeared in 1976 and hasn't been heard from since.

KIRO 7 is promising an "unbelievable" interview with Bagley. Of course, wanting to attract viewers, that's what they'd naturally say. But we'll check back in with video later to see if they live up to the promise.

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