Eastlake Pizzeria Owner Dave Mendoza Apologizes for Smuggling Pot

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No, that wasn't oregano
Known to his fellow conspirators as "Mr. Brown," Pazzo's owner Dave Mendoza has apologized to the entirety of the Eastlake community for his role in a prolific weed smuggling operation. In a jailhouse letter obtained by local blog Eastlake Ave Mendoza writes that he's sorry for breaching the trust of both the neighborhood and his customers. Stoner translation: "Harsh toke, bro."

"No matter where you sit on the morality, or legality of marijuana, I still broke the laws of the United States and more importantly, the integrity of my community, and the trust of my family. For this, I sincerely hope that you, as my community will accept my deepest apologies," he writes.

Since 1987, Mendoza has owned and operated Pazzo's a generally well liked pizzeria located on Eastlake Avenue. But in addition to serving up slices, Mendoza, a former Garfield High School class president, was from 2001 through 2006 part of a group that moved major weight in B.C. bud from across the Canadian border and into the states, much of it by helicopter.

Not sure if the letter is an attempt to curry favor with the judge. Mendoza's sentencing hearing was scheduled for September. But according to the federal bureau of prisons, he's apparently still being held at the SeaTac federal detention center. He'd plead guilty via agreement with federal authorities, and was at the time facing up to 14 years in prison. More updates to come.

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