Guns in Parks: Nickels Bans 'em, Suits Threatened, Candidates Stand Where on the Issue?

Guns in parks: Because this furry little guy might get trigger-happy.
Seattle PostGlobe reports that Mayor Greg Nickels is moving forward with his (editorializing: very f'ing sensible) promise to ban guns in city parks by Friday. Second Amendment nuts advocates, START YOUR LITIGATING!
Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, told the PostGlobe last month that the groups have already identified Seattle residents who would be the plaintiffs in a lawsuit and the groups will indeed sue if the rule goes into effect.
A politician tries to keep guns away from kids on swing sets. The strapped set of our citizenry fires a warning shot from their lawyers. The world continues rotating as it always has.

But what of the mayoral candidates? Where do they stand?

Mike McGinn has already released an 878-point Public Safety Platform Powerpoint (slight exaggeration) that supports Mayor Nickels' ban. As for Joe Mallahan?

"Joe shares concerns about family safety, especially in public parks, (editor's note: tres controversial!) and thinks we should look for additional measures to increase safety," says Mallahan spokesperson Charla Neuman. "He has concerns about whether this is the most pragmatic solution though."

Ahh, the non-answer answer. It's like he's already in office.

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