Governor Gregoire, State Treasurer Play Whack-A-Mole on I-1033

While every day should be Talk Smack About I-1033 Day, it seems like Washington's leaders may have held a secret meeting to decide that today, October 8th, was the best time to denounce Tim Eyman's budget-freezing initiative.

State Treasurer James McIntire had the first turn with the whacking mallet, telling the P-I this morning that credit agencies have expressed "general concern" about the initiative which could effect the state's credit rating. As it is, Washington looks pretty good to lenders. But McIntire intimates that, should 1033 pass and dry up funding wells that agencies rely on, our state may appear about as credit-worthy as New York penitentiary inmate Madoff, B...

Not to be outdone, Governor Chris Gregoire followed up Treasurer McIntire's comments with a "fiery" speech to a conservationists group. As reported by Joel Connelly, Gregoire told 800 members of the Washington Conservationist Voters that she will "not stand by. I will not be silent . . . Look at California. They can't function because they have been 'initiatiated' to death."

Asked if she will be stumping against I-1033 during the next month, Gregoire replied: "Absolutely, until we beat this dag-gum thing."

Dag-gum it's refreshing to see the governor speak so passionately about this backwards plan. All those in favor of making Talk Smack About I-1033 Day a state holiday say "aye."

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