Gates Leads the Pack, Bezos in the Back: It's Forbes' 400 Richest Americans Time!

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Congratulations on all your success; you smell terrific!
Granted, the first wave of Washingtonians are hitting the end of their unemployment benefits. And unemployment continues to climb. But the Forbes Richest 400 Americans list must go on! And local billionaires once again make a strong showing.

Topping the list is of course the godfather himself, Bill Gates. Net worth: $50 billion. Rhree other local tech kings crack the top 30: Steve Ballmer is 14th with $13.3 billion; Paul Allen is 17th with $11.5 billion; and Jeff Bezos is 28th with $8.8 billion.

After that, it's a long drop to the next local baller. Seattle boat-building magnate John Orin Edson is 371st with a net worth of an even $1 billion. While it might sound hard to live in the shadows of the men who precede him on the list, Edson apparently isn't sweating it. Says Forbes, "Spends days flying helicopters, skiing, cruising in 164-foot yacht, Evviva." Perhaps accompanied by T-Pain.

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