Constantine Campaign: We've Got More Proof Hutchison Is a Wing-Nut

Light rail? Socialist!
Backed on his heels by news that the state is investigating his treasurer, King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine has decided that the best defense is a good offense. In a press release distributed today, Constantine's campaign claims that video of opponent Susan Hutchison proves she's absolutely, positively a nutty conservative wolf hiding in moderate sheepskin.

Speaking last year at conservative think-tank the Washington Policy Center's third-annual reception, Hutchison praised a series of recommendations called A Policy Guide for Washington State. The guide allegedly (we say because we haven't had a chance to read it) calls light-rail "socialistic," a view that would seem to be contradictory to Hutchison's supposed love for the idea. The policy paper also calls for adopting a constitutional amendment to limit the growth of spending to inflation plus population growth, a move which would somehow place Hutchison to the right of Tim Eyman and I-1033, an initiative the candidate has claimed goes "too far."

Obviously hypocrisy is best observed with the use of pretty moving pictures. So we'll be sure to post the video when it's available. For now, please enjoy the extra special transcript of Hutchison's speech so helpfully provided by Team Constantine, after the jump...

Hutchison: "I'd like to put in a plug for a book that you have on your tables. It's called the Policy Guide for Washington State and it's published by the Washington Policy Center...Let me tell you about this book. I have read it cover to cover and it is one of the most extraordinary pieces of work about Washington State and the policies that make our government run. It hits on 10 different subjects from health care, education, transportation, tax policy and others. But let me tell you, folks. If you started this book tomorrow morning and read it through you would be smarter by dinnertime tomorrow night. This book makes you smart. So I highly recommend that you take it and that you read it."
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