Even Politicians Can't Find I-1033 on the Ballot

If faithful lefty McD can accidentally overlook I-1033, then anyone can.
A curtsy to the P-I's Joel Connelly for giving us the line of the day:

An energy-efficient light bulb flashed on in the head of U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., as he drove to work on Monday morning.

Baghdad Jim's epiphany came after he realized he'd forgotten to vote against the life-source-sucking I-1033. McD had completely missed the little sucker hiding down in the far left column of his ballot. So learn from his mistakes, registered voter.

McD may be older, and possibly in need of a new prescription, but he's just the latest, and most high-profile, example of voters scratching their heads when trying to find and kill Tim Eyman's initiative. Don't let what happened to him, happen to you.

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