Do Only a Few Support Seattle Parks Gun Ban?

Just how popular is Mayor Nickels' parks gun ban in lefty Seattle? Alex Gottlieb of Bellevue's pro-gun Second Amendment Foundation says only eight percent of Seattleites back the ban, according to figures he obtained from the mayor's office, while just two percent of outsiders support it. The city received 1,088 e-mail comments, says Gottlieb, with only 44 of them supporting the ban, set to go into effect in December.

Those figures are indeed correct, confirms mayoral spokesperson Alex Fryer. But while Gottlieb considers the e-mail tally "a crushing defeat" for his anti-gun foe Nickels, Fryer says only 35 percent of the responses were from Seattlites, and a link on an NRA website could have skewed the responses. "This does not constitute a public opinion poll," says Fryer. "We remain convinced that prohibiting the possession or display of firearms in places where kids play has the support of the majority of people here in Seattle, and is the right thing to do."

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