This man will use all the powers of his massive intellect to utterly eviscerate your purchase of a PS3. So long as it's online.


Console Flame Wars! Sony Beats Microsoft for First Time, Trolls React

This man will use all the powers of his massive intellect to utterly eviscerate your purchase of a PS3. So long as it's online.
While gearing up for tomorrow's release of Windows 7, Microsoft got a bit of bad news. For the first time in...ever, more people in the U.S. bought Sony's Playstation 3 than the Redmond giant's Xbox 360. This was, of course, very big news to the people who play video games (much of America) but of even more importance to the fanboys who arbitrarily align themselves behind one of two sleek metal boxes that will never love them back (fortunately a much smaller percentage).

The flip in the normal sales trend was expected after Sony slashed prices in mid-August. Which lead to this fantastically cutting remark from the guy whose job it is to speak for a videogame console.

"We feel great about our numbers, and we expected Sony to have a great month," Xbox spokesman David Dennis said. "We expect it to be short-term and we expect them to be back down to third place soon like they've always been."

Ouch. Not to be outdone, the fanboys continued the flame war on message boards all over the interwebs, a small sampling of which we've gathered for you after the jump.

Sony fans:

The simple fact of the matter is, XBOX is a piece of cheaply made crap with lack of features that probably only cost them $50 to make, compared to the well built and full featured PS3. It is a easy decision which to buy and which will come out on top.

LOL... LOL... LOL...

OMG lets compair.

Price same

Blue Ray player... PS3 = yes // 360 = no

Better processer... PS3 = yes // 360 = no

Better graphics... PS3 = yes // 360 = no

More extras (blue tooth, wi-fi,ect..) PS3 = yes // 360 = no

Free online play... PS3 = yes // 360 = no


HUM i just dont know which unit to chose, O wait i just pulled my head out of my !@#$%!. I'll take the PS3.

Microsoft fans:

Poor Sony fans you will win September, but you will lose the rest. Subtract PS3 Slim sales to previous PS3 owners, and the PS3 Slim sales would not be very impressive. Your petty insults to Xbox owners don't sell PS3's. You live in a fantasy land brought to you by Sony marketing which gives you a false sense of superiority.

I hear PS3 owner's love the smell of their own farts.

Weird computer fans named Slik making fun of both:

Thus saith Slik:

"I agree-uth wholeheartedly with Waldojim. The XBox and PS3 are great platforms with superb graphics and they attract game developers who create cutting-edge games. However, for what you will pay for these highly specialized gaming platforms, plus their games useable ONLY on them, I can buy a maxed-out laptop with gaming capabilities that far exceed the XBox/PS3 capabilities as gaming platforms...Nonetheless, the XBox/PS3 platforms will live on, succeed, create their own fan-base and meet the needs of doting parents on what to buy their children for the holidays. Isn't diversity and progress grand. Thus saith the opinionated and tedious, self-appointed savant, Slik."

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