Comment of the Day: You, Sir, Severely Understimate the Footballing Qualities of One Jake Locker

Jake Locker's secret: Plays with a Nerf.
Reader Chris on Coffee Is for Closers, and Jake Locker's Looking Awfully Tired Right Now. He thinks UW's QB has talent for days.

"Uhh, you're off on this one Seely. Jake's the best player at the UW right now ... in any sport. The O-line argument is not anemic, it's unfortunate reality. If Locker played for Florida or USC he'd win the Heisman this year.

"Is there even a 5th rounder on this UW team other than Locker? It's a jail-break every time he drops back to pass. This guy will make a mark at the next level, and is the least of UW's football problems."

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