Comment of the Day: Perma-Candidate Bob Rosenberger Not Right for King County

Sorry Bob, this is one vote we probably wouldn't count on.
Reader Allison Roundtree responds to More Sex, Sorta, in the Assessor Race. Evidently, she's more of a Lloyd Hara fan.

"Bob Rosenberger has to buy the election because otherwise, no one would take him seriously. He is trying to equate being an assessor with being an appraiser, when the two are separate rolls. THE Assessor is a manager, something that Bob is decidedly NOT.

The fact is, Bob is a perma-candidate looking for a job. He couldn't get elected as a Democrat, so he's run as a Republican. When that didn't pan out, he tried to become a real estate guy. Too bad he is still just a loser in search of a career.

Lloyd Hara got Seattle top bond ratings when he was our Treasurer. And once he landed at the Port, he, along with fellow Port Commissioner John Creighton, rammed through reform after reform after reform.

Keep the sex in the closet -- or on the farm -- where it belongs. Let's just go with qualified experience in this dull, but vital job."

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